The Green Button API provides access to RESTful services provided by Data Custodian and Third Party Applications. These APIs allow application developers full access, in Green Button Format, to Energy Usage Information for the purpose of developing new Green Button Applications.

Access to Green Button APIs requires an OAuth2 Access Token. The following table contains a list of Access Tokens and the various Data Custodian Roles that may be tested using the assigned Access Token. Insert one the following Access Tokens in the field labelled "Access Token:" at the top of the page prior to selecting the "Try It Out!" button:

Access TokenToken TypeRole Tested
Bearer 2a85f4bd-30db-4b7d-8f41-b046b0566cb3datacustodian_access_tokenData Custodian Admin
Bearer 03909715-b0ca-4797-9a9a-601fff1d2848upload_access_tokenMeter Upload Admin
Bearer 53520584-d640-4812-a721-8a1afa459ff7client_access_tokenThird Party Admin
Bearer c66b0854-ea1f-4e24-afb7-afab9e0f6c5eregistration_access_tokenThird Party Registration Admin
Bearer f48223ce-92f5-4a41-9028-1a370eb102c5access_tokenRole User (alan -- ID=5)
Bearer ae3e7cba-6478-444a-978c-7505d52034a0access_tokenRole User (charles -- ID=6)